The Camp

The camp is only accessible by air which assures peace and tranquility to our guests.


Moisie-Ouapetec holds exclusive fishing rights on 74 kilometers on the Moisie and Ouapetec rivers.


Fishing starts from early July and stretches to mid-September.


The Lodge is located on the Moisie at the mouth of the Ouapetec. We can accommodate up to 6 rods, who will share our territory up to the Joseph Rapids, which consist of more than 10 pools.


Facing the Lodge are our 5 most productive pools. Within 20 minutes by boat, on the Ouapetec are 3 more excellent pools and close by on the Moisie you will have the opportunity to fish another 3 pools. Depending on water conditions, you will have the choice of wading or fishing from a canoe.